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To begin teaching on Blue Brain, sign up for an instructor account. We charge a small monthly fee of $15 that lets you create unlimited courses. The cheapest you'll find on the internet! No coding or website management needed. Depending on how you price your course, you'll make a 100% return on your ANNUAL investment after enrolling just 2 students! Sign up for  instant access. Cancel anytime.



You get complete freedom and control over your curriculum. You can even plan your course directly on Blue Brain using our intuitive course builder. We encourage teachers to adopt blended learning: A dual-stream approach where you automate your tuition, lectures and admin on using our platform, and focus on guiding, mentoring and facilitating student discussion through weekly online hangouts to reinforce learning and boost engagement. With Blue Brain, you can split your course into sections, lessons, topics and reinforce what’s learned through quizzes.



Once you’ve planned your curriculum, lessons, quizzes and activities, it’s time to let the production begin. We offer instructors 2 options when it comes to production. If you’ve got the time and some basic equipment, you can record yourself. You can even use a smart phone and we’ll show you exactly how to get the most professional result. For those who are short on time or don’t have access to equipment, we provide professional production services (small extra cost) so you can focus on what you do best.



Your course is done! Once you’ve completed all your material, it gets uploaded to our servers via the interactive, easy to use lesson builder on your instructor dashboard. You’ll typically want to use Vimeo or YouTube (set to private) to host your videos so that your students get the best play back experience. Videos are then embedded into your lessons. Watch the video below for a full guide on how to start.



One of the best parts about being on a platform like Blue Brain is that we already have existing students who would love to enroll in your class. However, the best way to get paying students is to find them yourself through your social and professional circles. If you’re a teacher, you could offer your existing students the opportunity to learn from your online course to supplement their current studies. If you’ve got a following on social media, it’s a great place to tell members of your audience what you’re building. Remember, to start making a profit on Blue Brain, you just need 2 students!



Remember that blended approach we mentioned in step 2? In this section of your instructor journey, students typically require support and interaction to reinforce what they’ve learned online. You can use this time to also answer questions that students have as they work through your course material. It’s not mandatory but we encourage our instructors to host group meetups at least once a week online so that students get to actually meet you, and engage in discussion and class bonding. These aren’t formal classes, but rather community learning experiences that truly help you as the teacher stand out from the rest.



It's never been a better time to start selling your knowledge! The education market is projected to grow beyond $132 billion by 2023! We've made stepping into this online trend easy by automating the payments process for you! Every time a student enrolls in your  course, you get paid 90% of the sale and Blue Brain keeps a flat 10% fee. Access all of your financial statistics via the instructor dashboard so you can track how well your courses are doing. Earnings are paid out as a lump sum on a monthly basis  through PayPal. 



Teaching isn’t just about transferring knowledge or earning money. It’s about people advancing together.. and as an instructor, you’re positioned perfectly in the midst of that journey. Students typically love to interact with teachers that care about them. We encourage our instructors to interact with students through the many social features we’ve built into the platform, even after the course has been sold. This builds trust and will motivate students to invite their friends to join in on your programs. The rewards will speak for themselves.

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