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Frequently asked questions.

Blue Brain was designed with the primary goal of helping you sell your courses in a marketplace environment. While it’s learning management systems are powerful, it’s not designed as a replacement for freeware like Google Classroom or Schoology. Instead, you’re given the tools to monetize your courses and academic programs immediately and in a seamless manner so you can focus on what you do best. 

When it comes to selling online courses, there are 2 primary models to choose from. Sell on a market place, or sell on your own site. The first option is great because you’ll get a ton of sales but also have to pay high commissions and end up with little control over your pricing. Imagine designing a $500 course and having it discounted to $10 without your consent. The other option is selling privately. This is great for control but comes at a huge price.. starting at $40/month and ranging up to several hundred/month. 

Blue Brain hits the sweet spot between the two. You get full autonomy of your pricing and content, including your own landing pages while having access to a growing marketplace. 

The Blue Brain teacher account is priced as low as $15/month and there’s a reason! We want you to succeed and believe that if you price your course anywhere greater than $150, you’ll see a 100% return on your yearly investment with just 1-2 students. That’s incredible value if we do say so ourselves. 

Blue Brain does not market courses for teachers at this stage. What we do however, is show you how to market your own courses! That old saying of teach a man how to fish… We’ve put together extensive training to help you understand and take action on every aspect of this online business model. For those that want in-depth training and support however, we’ve put together a Pro plan that offers exclusive sales and marketing training and mentor support to help guarantee your success. In addition to the training and guidance we provide, all your courses appear on our course marketplace directories. That means existing students on the site are able to enroll at any time, thereby giving you passive income.

Yes, all our plans are risk-free. You’ll get a full refund if you decide to cancel anytime within the first 30 days of an annual membership, or within the first five days of a monthly membership. If you no longer need the added benefits of your current membership, you can downgrade to another tier.

Yes, you have the unique advantage of changing your account tiers whenever your needs change. We prorate account upgrades or downgrades so you never have to pay more than what you use.

Yes, Blue Brain retains a flat 10% commission on all listings to cover costs of maintaining the platform. This means that you are guaranteed a 90% payout on your courses on a monthly basis. 

Blue Brain makes payouts via Paypal. However, if you prefer a bank transfer, this can also be arranged with our support staff. Payments are typically made on a monthly basis for accounting and tax purposes. 

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