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Beginnings – 600 BCE

The origin of humans and early human societies
History and prehistory
Peopling the earth
Organizing paleolithic societies
The Neolithic Revolution and the birth of agriculture
The Neolithic Revolution and early agriculture
The spread of agriculture
Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia and the Hebrew Bible
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt and the Nile River Valley
The Hittite Empire and the Battle of Kadesh
Ancient art and artifacts
The Standard of Ur
The Rosetta Stone (Opens a modal)
Ancient India
Indus River Valley civilizations (Opens a modal)
The Vedic Period
Sanskrit connections to English
Shang China
Shang Dynasty in Ancient China
Human innovation and the environment
n Development of agriculture and writing
Collective learning (Opens a modal)
Agriculture and human population
Firestick farming in early Australia
Ancient Americas
Pre-contact Americas

600 BCE – 600 CE Second-Wave Civilizations

600 – 1450 Regional and interregional interactions

1450 – 1750 Renaissance and Reformation

1750 -1900 Enlightenment and Revolution

The 20th century’

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