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LYF Vision Program


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12 Lessons

Dream Big

Dreaming is so much more than what we do at night when we’re sleeping. We all have dreams we have been holding onto, but we may not have thought they could come to pass. I believe they can! Dreams come true when you put in the work.
Session 1 – Dream Big

Self-Discovery & Reflection

Digging Deep: Impact of Experiences

One on One Call

Understanding Your Purpose and Values

Developing Your Legacy

What’s Limiting You?

One on one Call

Putting it all together

What about the Money?

Who’s in Your Tribe?

One on One call


I will be re-structuring this program and this current program will close in March 2021. This will be your last opportunity to get this program for the current rate!

Lydia will help you uncover the why behind your goals and how you want to achieve them:

  • 12-week program at your own pace
  • One one-hour meeting every 4 weeks
  • Activity sheets and homework provided throughout the 12 weeks
  • Follow up calls 3, 6 and 9 months after third meeting (which really makes it a year-long program!)


This program is for you because like me, you’re an ambitious woman.

This means you can identify with the following:

  • I am passionate high-achiever with big dreams
  • There’s so much I want to make happen, I can feel overwhelmed at times
  • I often wonder if I truly I am on track towards achieving all the greatness I see for myself
  • I sometimes or often suffer from imposter syndrome
  • Lastly: I need my finances to match up with and support the big dreams I have

You need a Vision Plan for your life for effectively implement all your ideas.


Let’s get started!

What to learn?


  • Every week, a new video will be listed as well as homework under assignments.

Target Audience

  • If you're an ambitious woman who has a lot of dreams and goals, you need a vision plan to tie them all together.


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Most of my clients are passionate high-achievers who want to take charge of their financial life. They don't want to be told what to do, they want to be an active participant as they learn to grow and preserve their