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Creative Design Pros- How to solve real world problems and get paid for it!


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Introduction & How to get the most out of the course
Courses Overview
Getting started
Material requirements
Your portfolio- A digital ticket to success as a pro designer
How the world of money works
Your first Sale

Art and Design fundamentals

Foundational Drawing

Engineering Drawing


Digital applications and Research

Digital Illustration and Rendering

Problem solving using the Design Cycle

Real World Challenges to Solve (Major Project)

Building the Business of Design

Employee vs Business owner


Marketing and Sales

Creative Design Pros Customer Loyalty program


Ever struggled with turning your art and designs into money? The goal for you with this course is to learn to solve problems using design, and make money doing so.

Whether you have a creative talent or not, this is a step by step results-driven program designed to give you professional design and business skills that will either get you your first job or your first paying clients. In this course, you are not required to think as an artist, but rather as a problem solver… a skill sought after and applicable to any industry.

You’ll begin the course by learning several important foundational art and design skills. The second stage will show you how to apply those skills to learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. The third stage will teach you the business and sales skills you need to go from designer to money-maker, by finding and winning clients.

There is no way to lose out by taking this program. Regardless of the direction, you choose to go in by the end of this course, you will have a portfolio of all the work you’ve created while doing the course, which can be shown to either employers or clients as proof that you know your craft. Secondly, you will understand how finances work and how you can leverage it to build assets for your future. Thirdly, you will have the confidence to research and solve problems, regardless of which industry you decide to focus on.

What to learn?

Build a professional portfolio based on real-world projects Learn the professional design process Develop the skills to turn an idea into a working prototype Learn to use research to determine product viability and market fit Get your first sales Build a business from scratch, including licensing options


  • Commitment to complete the program
  • A digital device, like an iPad to design on
  • A stylus pen for your iPad/tablet
  • A sketchbook
  • A set of pencils
  • Erasers, rules, sharpeners


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4.52 /5

Student Reviews

It helped with drawing and sketching, the quality of the videos is great. And the explanations are good, the only problem i face is the website lags sometimes

It helps me learn because the explanation in the videos and brilliant , i learned in creative design how to sketch and I learned that nothing comes without hard work this subject changed me , when I started sketching I thought I’m bad but then I realized this is just the start, it’s perfect I don’t think i can improve something , people should study this because it will make them more creative and they will have fun learning how to sketch or how to sell to make money to profit although it’s a lot of videos but it’s so helpful and thank you :]

First I will talk about the CD itself , The subject is very intresting and it gives me a skill that I didnt have from before and the way of explaining of how to do activities is more than exellent.
Now I'll talk about bluebrain,Blue brain is a very active website / app and it is very good for us(students) It is a good way to learn something.

Amazing course I learned many new things that i have not known before while learning it

-Blue brain helps me to learn by and google slide

- I learnd how to sell my work and photo editing

- It healp my to develop
- I think that i inproved on every thing to creat my carecter
- People should study because it will help them if the want to by a good anginer

Blue brain help me
To sell and draw its was to fun and nice
and we learned with a great teacher.
And we learned how to draw
and photoshop its a nice app

5 stars.
blue brain helps you to draw better.
drawing, photoshop, drawing apps.
it improved my drawing and my questions about the subject.
drawing, photoshop.
people should study this to understand about the Creative design class.

4.5 stars

Blue brain helped me improve my movement in drawing and improved my sketching skills like drawing a head and drawing eyes with full balance

I learned how to sketch on the ipad because I wasn’t the kind to draw on an ipad but now I’m more capable

It improved my art skills

The quality of the videos that can be improved so as overall site

People should study creative design because it helps to make people solve daily problems at work or even at home

This website is very easy to navigate through and contend to fill the needs of hobby lovers, student, or even teachers. Most of the skills learnt in this website is future proof or even teach you the basics of businesses or even make easy money in your free time.

the site isn't weighty/complex it's coordinated which helped me learn quicker and I learned numerous things like the essentials of planning and I took in the fundamentals and cycles of how to begin a business and no compelling reason to improve except for I don't figure individuals should concentrate from it cause it's discretionary however blue cerebrum is a decent decision

the website isn't heavy/complex it's organized which helped me learn faster and I learned many things like the basics of designing and I learned the basics and processes of how to start a business and no need to improve but I don't think people should study from it cause it's optional but blue brain is a good choice

BlueBrain is a very fun way of learning because the student can watch a video explaining the lesson on their own pace without the teacher or other students moving too fast. I learned a lot about the course i took which is Creative Design it have a lot of skills you may learn in your life like how to make money and how to give a pitch.

BlueBrain is a very convenient place to study study because its a very well built website that is very efficient. I never had any issues while using the app and you can always take your time using the app and exploring the lessons. Easy login is always a good thing and BlueBrain was lacking there. I would recommend this website for any of my friends and family .

This site is literally way too perfect and reliable. It's really good for a beginner you can learn how to use it easily. Not only that, it has quite some good content and lessons that will make you innovative. Very good website it will help me a lot in my future. Thank you!

Blue brain is the completion of what Mr. Sach teaches in class, sometimes if he forgets a point blue brain is there to help. In CDN I learned alot of things that I think it will help me in the future like businesses and how to start them. Everything is actually perfect. I think people should study this because even if they know everything about the topic, BlueBrain may still help them.

Blue Brain helps in learning how to organize my life, and helps in making my life better, like earning money.
In CDN I learned how to design a product, draw it, make it, and sell it. It made me have trust in myself, and confident to sell more products in the future. Everything is amazing in CDN, there is no need for improvements. This coarse can help them in being organized, neat, and even confident.

Its quite good and useful for people who are innovative and cool with making many creative products or designs and want to share/sell them, this website and program helps achieve that.

I use it in studying creative design and its very helpful and i think if someone needs help it will be useful for him

the app is very easy to use it is very efficient for learning. I have encountered no issues while using this app and that is what i like about it something that i loved in creative design is that the subject its self is very unique it taught me how to sell a product. people should study this because its a fun topic and it can help you starting a business.

Blue brain helps us by providing videos about various topics and creative design taught us a lot of things about art design and business there are a lot more benefits to this website but I think it’s a little hard to maneuver but I still recommend people to study from this website.

Blue Brain is a very efficient way of learning because the student can go on their on pace and not be pressured
by other students or teachers. I learned the properties of three materials: paper , metal and plastic. This has resulted in me having a better idea on materials and how they work. I think its a sufficient website that is perfect the way it is. I would recommend it to friends and family because its a comfortable learning site that anyone can use while sitting at home.

Bluebrain helps you learn various stuff such as art techniques, examples : shading and drawing. I learnt alot of stuff from taking this course, for example, the teacher taught me how to make a sale, he also taught me how to draw and shade, which are things i did not know how to do. Bluebrain helped me get better at drawing in general. I think people should try to take this course because it does not cost anything and people need to know about this and take advantage of it.

Blue Brain helps us learn many creative and innovative ways that can even help us earn money. We learned many things since last year in Creative Design, mostly solving real life problems. It helped me by solving problems using creativity and design. I do not think that there improvements needed. People should study this course because it may help them later in the future when they face a problem, and need these skills to overcome them.

It summrize every lesson in an easier way
Some art
It developed my way of drawing and using some tools
The activities should in the app or the web
To improve thier drawing

It helped me to draw and sell not just drawings but products
I learned how to draw and sell products
It helped me how to make money
Nothing can be improved
People should study this cuz they will learn a new things

- (Rashed Mohammed) Bluebrain is an easy app that is very good and can help you learn in many different and unique ways!

- I learned lots of art skills that will come useful in the future and can also gain cash with these skills

- It helped me draw better and gave me lots of knowledge about creative design

- I don't think it needs any improvement

- Extremely good, very easy and simplistic and has everything that you need in a creative design course!

Bluebrain helped me so much in creative design class, and how to gain easy cash.
I learned in creative design class drawing skills and shading shapes.
It helps me by watching videos, there's +115 videos in that app.
My shading shapes has evolved to much.
To know how to gain easy money and improve their drawing skills.

bluebrain is a very good app in my opinion it is very easy to work with and it can provide you with classes .

blue brain helped me with my creative design class before i participated in the class i didnt only knew the basics of art but after i took the class i was able to improve my drawing skills and make a couple of sales which alowed me to earn more money ,and i dont think any thing can be improved in the app it is well made.

blue brain helped me with my creative design class.I learned a lot in creative design class about how to use textures and about them and shading and shapes.It helped me with my drawing skills i have been able to shade and color and draw shapes way better before i took creative design class.I think the app is good it doesnt have to get improvedIf poeple are into art and drawing they should study this it can improve their skills

Very nice and convenient course.
I like this amazing course.

- Blue brain gives me the opportunity to learn by myself and also it makes learning CDN easier.
- How to be creative and create amazing products by my own using new ways like digital apps get money from it.
- CDN Helped by making me creative and also by the things that I learned.
- I think that if the subject can be more digital (everything is done using ipads or computers).
- Students should take this subject so they can be more creative and be able to create products by themselves.

It improved my art
Shading is important to help your piece of art look better
It made a difference in my art
Making more things in one place because it’s confusing sometimes
Because they can improve there art with no money instead

it helped me learn how to design and draw
I learned how to draw and can do anything if I try
it helped me get my hidden talent
I can improve my drawing

Blue brain help me so much about drowning in a paper and iPad . I learn from Creative Design how to sell my own draw. My drawing improved 90%. a very person should learn drawing and design

I have improved my skills in shading and my art skills

blue brain helped me with my creative design class.

I learned a lot in creative design class about how to use textures and about them and shading and shapes.

It helped me with my drawing skills i have been able to shade and color and draw shapes way better before i took creative design class.

I think the app is good it doesnt have to get improved

If poeple are into art and drawing they should study this it can improve their skills

its amazing
i learned how to shade
i even got money for my drawing
it teaches you how can art help us
its worth trying!

I learn abuot how to dsign and markting
It help me how sell my product and
I can improv my markting because it fun and help you in real life

I have learned a lot from this course like how to shade or how to color properly and many more. For any beginners, this is the best option.

cool I learned so much from this course and i hope u do 2

1. I have learned many things but, the color wheel was the funniest and easiest.
2. It help me in drawing a circle and drawing 3D shapes.
3. The last task which was (Your first anime).
4. To be more creative and learn how to draw or from where you can create many creative and interesting drawings.

I learned a lot about shading
It helped me by selling art and get me into a good mood
My drawing that i want to improve
It helps you to be you to learn stuff you didn't even think you could of done

Very easy and helpful course for anybody who is looking to shade and color things better. For any newcomers, you should definitely try this course!

i have learned some new techniques about art and designing in a few month i recommend this to people who loves activities

I have improved in my shading.
I like that this a free product
I like drawing in online apps
i like this amazing course
It is a difficult course in the beginnig

Blue brain is a very easy and interactive way to learn new skills, I learned a lot of new skills and it was fun. It helped me to get better at digital drawing and drawing in general.
in my opinion I think it is perfect and can't improve in any way.
People should try this course because its very helpful and it doesn't cost you anything except your time


Material Includes

  • Art and Design fundamentals
  • Drawing and Rendering
  • Problem-solving using the Product Design Cycle
  • Prototype Building
  • Advanced Product research methods
  • Building a Business
  • Marketing and Sales training