Creative Design Pros- How to solve real world problems and get paid for it!

A step by step results-driven program designed to help you turn your creative talent into a professional design focused money making business. In this course, you are not required to think like an artist, but rather as a problem solver... a skill sought after and applicable to any industry. Unlike most schools and universities that train your technical and expressive Visual Art skills only, this course, brings you the benefit of a seasoned teacher who also has a 15 year long professional design career. You'll be introduced to several foundational art and design forms which build towards the process of problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration through design. After working on real world projects to build a portfolio, you'll then be shown how to build a professional design business, pitch and win freelance projects as well as successfully get hired in an agency. Creative Design 1 is split into 3 units that include:
  • ✅ Unit 1: Art and Design fundamentals
  • ✅ Unit 2: Problem solving using the Design Cycle and Product Research
  • ✅ Unit 3: Projects and the Business of Design
Based on our research and partnership with companies across industries, we believe this course helps prepare the student for life in a real workforce. The best way to experience this program is by creating the work shown in each video and then sharing it on the forums and social groups for feedback. It is important to also save all your work in the form of a portfolio as described in unit 1, which can be showed to potential employers or universities upon application.
bluebrain · October 28, 2019

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Course overview
Unit 1: Traditional & Observational Drawing
Unit 1: Color
Unit 1: Digital Illustration and Photo manipulation
Unit 2: An introduction to problem solving through the Design Process
Unit 2: Industrial Design: Drawing and Rendering products and solutions
Unit 2: Solving Real World Problems using the design process
✅ Unit 3: Projects and the Business of Design
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Posted 5 months ago
Very helpful and convenient.

This course has helped me in many different ways. But the most important skill i have learned was solving real-life challenges as well as knowing how to solve them. I advise everyone to join this course.
Posted 5 months ago
Ali aljaberi

I learnt so many things that taught me to draw better

Mohammed ghaith
Posted 5 months ago
Mohammed ghaith

Easy to use and can access work easily

Obaid almuhairi
Posted 5 months ago
Obaid almuhairi

We learned a lot of things

Mansoor Aljabri
Posted 5 months ago


Posted 5 months ago
This is the best course

Nice course

Saif ahli
Posted 5 months ago
It so good cours

I like it it help us in our power point thing like project and all of that

Posted 5 months ago

Its soo much good from any courses I enjoy soo much this courses Im happy with the time that i spend on it I appreciate it ❤️❤️

Ahmad marwan
Posted 5 months ago
Ahmad Marwan

I’ve learned too much from you

Posted 5 months ago
You a good mr

You the best mr because you teach the best subject and i love your class .

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