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Blue Brain Micro-Business Bootcamp – 10 Secrets to Create, Market and Sell 6 and 7 figure products online


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Welcome Creators!

Course Overview and what to expect
How to get the most out of the course
Find your Why so you can succeed
Unlock your 3 Month Free Pass of Blue Brain Instructor / Seller Account

Secret 1 – The info-product Blueprint and Business Plans

Secret 2 – How to find your niche and plan your micro-product

Secret 3 – Audience building and Funnel building

Secret 4- Pre-launching and Pre-selling your micro-product

Secret 5 – Types of Micro-Products and value ladders

Secret 6- Everything Audio Production!

Secret 7- Everything Video Production!

Secret 8- Best Software Tools for recording and Editing

Secret 9- Building, publishing and Launching

Secret 10- Scaling with digital advertising

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Covid has decimated 2020, but it’s not over yet. We wanna help change things for people financially!

Blue Brain’s Micro Business Bootcamp gives you the New “Secret Weapon” that helps you write your own paycheck every month, so you can turn your EXISTING KNOWLEDGE into re-curring income and take control of your future. 

Your official guide to creating your Micro-Business Empire using Blue Brain. This is a comprehensive training that includes every single resource we have for building, marketing, and selling online courses, documents, PDFs, Audio Files, Video Files, Templates, Accounts and more.

Over the next 60 days, the Micro-Business Bootcamp will show you how to turn your existing experience and talent, into MICRO-PRODUCTS that can be sold repeatedly at scale!

In this exclusive training and mentorship program, we’ll unravel the 10 secrets of going from idea to sales with any INFORMATION PRODUCT.

But wait.. there’s more!!!

When you join this program, you’ll get an exclusive 6-month FREE ACCESS PASS to our next-gen selling platform: Blue Brain, where you can build, launch and sell your Micro-Products, without needing to build or manage a site! It’s a lightweight, “headless” selling experience on the cloud. You own the traffic, you own the leads, you own all of the revenue.

Join us now and get exclusive launch track access for 3 months and bi-weekly group chats and mastermind sessions.

What to learn?

Learn the entire Blue Brain interface Learn to Research niches Learn to Pre-sell courses Learn to build profitable sales funnels


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Material Includes

  • Blue Brain Course Builder
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Sales Funnel building
  • Traffic
  • Video structure
  • Types of video lessons
  • Tools for recording lessons
  • Best practices for embedding