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8th grade Math


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Numbers and operations

Repeating decimals
Converting a fraction to a repeating decimal
Converting repeating decimals to fractions (part 1 of 2)
Converting repeating decimals to fractions (part 2 of 2)
Square roots & cube roots
Intro to square roots
Intro to cube roots
Worked example: Cube root of a negative number
Square root of decimal
Dimensions of a cube from its volume
Irrational numbers
Intro to rational & irrational numbers
Classifying numbers: rational & irrational
Classifying numbers
Worked example: classifying numbers
Approximating irrational numbers
Approximating square roots
Comparing irrational numbers with radicals
Approximating square roots to hundredths
Comparing values with calculator
Exponents with negative bases
Exponents with negative bases
The 0 & 1st power
Even & odd numbers of negatives
1 and -1 to different powers
Sign of expressions challenge problems
Powers of zero
Exponent properties intro
Exponent properties with products
Exponent properties with parentheses
Exponent properties with quotients
Negative exponents
Negative exponents
Negative exponent intuition
Exponent properties (integer exponents)
Multiplying & dividing powers (integer exponents)
Powers of products & quotients (integer exponents)
Powers of zero
Working with powers of 10
Multiplying multiples of powers of 10
Approximating with powers of 10
Scientific notation intro
Scientific notation example: 0.0000000003457
Scientific notation examples
Arithmetic with numbers in scientific notation
Multiplying & dividing in scientific notation
Multiplying three numbers in scientific notation
Subtracting in scientific notation
Simplifying in scientific notation challenge
Scientific notation word problems
Scientific notation word problem: red blood cells
Scientific notation word problem: U.S. national debt
Scientific notation word problem: speed of light

Solving equations with one unknown

Linear equations and functions

Systems of equations


Geometric transformations

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