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8th grade (Illustrative Mathematics)


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Unit 1: Rigid transformations and congruence

Lesson 5: Coordinate moves
Reflecting points
Reflecting shapes
Lesson 6: Describing transformations
Determining reflections
Mapping shapes
Lesson 7: No bending or stretching
Rigid transformations intro
Finding measures using rigid transformations
Rigid transformations: preserved properties
Lesson 12: Congruent polygons
Congruent shapes & transformations
Non-congruent shapes & transformations
Lesson 14: Alternate interior angles
Missing angles with a transversal
Lesson 16: Parallel lines and the angles in a triangle
Angles in a triangle sum to 180° proof
Triangle exterior angle example
Worked example: Triangle angles (intersecting lines)

Unit 2: Dilations, similarity, and introducing slope

Unit 3: Linear relationships

Unit 4: Linear equations and linear systems

Unit 5: Functions and volume

Unit 6: Associations in data

Unit 7: Exponents and scientific notation

Unit 8: Pythagorean theorem and irrational numbers

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