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7th grade (Illustrative Mathematics)


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Unit 1: Scale drawings

Lesson 1: What are scaled copies?
Exploring scale copies
Lesson 2: Corresponding parts and scale factors
Identifying corresponding parts of scaled copies
Identifying scale copies
Identifying scale factor in drawings
Lesson 5: The size of the scale factor
Interpreting scale factors in drawings
Scale factors and area
Lesson 6: Scaling and area
Lesson 7: Scale drawings
Scale drawings
Lesson 9: Creating scale drawings
Creating scale drawings
Lesson 11: Scales without units
Interpreting a scale drawing
Lesson 12: Units in scale drawings
Solving a scale drawing word problem

Unit 2: Introducing proportional relationships

Unit 3: Measuring circles

Unit 4: Proportional relationships and percentages

Unit 5: Rational number arithmetic

Unit 6: Expressions, equations, and inequalities

Unit 7: Angles, triangles, and prisms

Unit 8: Probability and sampling

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