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6th grade (Illustrative Mathematics)


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Unit 1: Area and surface area

Lesson 3: Reasoning to find area
Finding area by rearranging parts
Lesson 6: Area of parallelograms
Area of a parallelogram
Finding height of a parallelogram
Lesson 9: Formula for area of a triangle
Area of a triangle
Finding area of triangles
Triangle missing side example
Lesson 11: Polygons
Lesson 12: What is surface area?
Surface area of a box (cuboid)
Lesson 13: Polyhedra
Counting faces and edges of 3D shapes
Recognizing common 3D shapes
Intro to nets of polyhedra
Lesson 14: Nets and surface area
Surface area using a net: triangular prism
Lesson 15: More nets, more surface area
Surface area of a box using nets
Extra practice: Surface area
Surface area word problem example
Lesson 18: Surface area of a cube
Evaluating expressions with variables: cubes

Unit 2: Introducing ratios

Unit 3: Unit rates and percentages

Unit 4: Dividing fractions

Unit 5: Arithmetic in base ten

Unit 6: Expressions and equations

Unit 7: Rational numbers

Unit 8: Data sets and distribution

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