6th grade (Illustrative Mathematics)

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Get extensive practice and knowledge to the 6th grade math in these free illustrative videos. These free materials enable personalized practice alongside the new Illustrative Mathematics 6th grade curriculum... This is the property of khanacademy.org and is available for free on their website.

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Unit 1: Area and surface area

Lesson 3: Reasoning to find area
Finding area by rearranging parts
Lesson 6: Area of parallelograms
Area of a parallelogram
Finding height of a parallelogram
Lesson 9: Formula for area of a triangle
Area of a triangle
Finding area of triangles
Triangle missing side example
Lesson 11: Polygons
Lesson 12: What is surface area?
Surface area of a box (cuboid)
Lesson 13: Polyhedra
Counting faces and edges of 3D shapes
Recognizing common 3D shapes
Intro to nets of polyhedra
Lesson 14: Nets and surface area
Surface area using a net: triangular prism
Lesson 15: More nets, more surface area
Surface area of a box using nets
Extra practice: Surface area
Surface area word problem example
Lesson 18: Surface area of a cube
Evaluating expressions with variables: cubes

Unit 2: Introducing ratios

Unit 3: Unit rates and percentages

Unit 4: Dividing fractions

Unit 5: Arithmetic in base ten

Unit 6: Expressions and equations

Unit 7: Rational numbers

Unit 8: Data sets and distribution

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