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4th grade Math


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Place value

Intro to place value
Place value blocks
Place value tables
Finding place value
Creating the largest number
Writing whole numbers in expanded form
Writing a number in expanded form
Writing whole numbers in written form
Writing numbers in words and standard form
Regrouping whole numbers
Regrouping whole number place values
Regrouping numbers into various place values
Adding whole numbers by their place values
How 10 relates to place value
Multiplying whole numbers by 10
Dividing whole numbers by 10
Understanding place value
Place value when multiplying and dividing by 10
Comparing multi-digit numbers
Comparing multi-digit numbers
Comparing whole number place values
Comparing multi-digit whole numbers word problems

Addition, subtraction, and estimation

Multiply by 1-digit numbers

Multiply by 2-digit numbers


Factors, multiples and patterns

Equivalent fractions and comparing fractions

Add and subtract fractions

Multiply fractions

Understand decimals

Plane figures

Measuring angles

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