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3-Step Wealth Strategy


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Introductory Call

On our introductory call, I will determine whether your Vision Plan is detailed enough for me to work with. If it is not, I may suggest that you go through my LYF Vision Program. Following our call, I will send you a questionnaire to gain more information to assist me in my preparations.

First Draft: Your Wealth Strategy

Second Draft: Your Wealth Strategy

Final: Your Wealth Strategy


The focus of the Wealth Strategy is to determine ways you can uniquely Earn, Build and Preserve Wealth in order to realize your vision. It will provide a high-level outline of the funds needed to achieve your Vision, as well as a detailed plan for the next one year. Coupled with a strong sense of purpose and vision, you will be able to use your Wealth Strategy to invest accordingly*.


Vision + Wealth = Dreams Coming True


The Wealth Strategy has 3 steps – Earn, Build and Preserve Wealth by providing you with:

  • A detailed one-year plan
  • A general framework of your medium-term wealth plan; 2 – 9 years
  • A general framework of your long-term wealth plan; min 10 years


* The Wealth Strategy does not provide investment advice. If you require investment advice, please speak to a qualified financial adviser. While I am a qualified adviser with Holborn Assets, you are in no way obligated to work with me.

What to learn?


  • • Complete the LYF Vision Program or
  • • Come prepared with your own personal Vision Plan

Target Audience

  • Ambitious Women


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My passion is to nurture an environment where high-achieving women are able to reach their personal and business goals, which will ultimately lead to building and preserving wealth. I do all these through my platform, Love Yourself Financially.