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10 Hacks for the IELTS Speaking Test


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Welcome to the course!

These 10 Hacks will give you a great start to understanding & preparing for the IELTS Speaking Test. Don't forget to prepare and practice!
Welcome to the Course!

What do I need to do on Test Day?

How is the IELTS Speaking Exam structured?

Am I being recorded during the IELTS speaking test?

Am I able to ask questions during my speaking test?

How do I know if I should keep talking or not?

3 Ways to Drop a Band Instantly

Should I always answer honestly on the IELTS speaking test?

Should I memorize various responses for my speaking exam?

Is the speaking thematic, or is it just a random collection of questions and topics?

Should I speak on myself for Part 3 of the speaking test?

How will I be evaluated for IELTS Speaking?

5 Common Mistakes

Be Different From Other Test Takers

Keywords & Part 2 of the Test

Part 3 is a Dialogue



Is your speaking test just around the corner? This no-nonsense course will provide you with hacks for the IELTS speaking exam, tips, and an overview of what to expect when you meet your examiner.

You will also learn how you will be evaluated, and the criteria used to assess your speaking skills.
Here’s your chance to catch inside tips on the speaking test from a certified IELTS teacher with examiner experience.

What to learn?

Are you new to IELTS or unfamiliar with the Speaking Exam? Let's get you up to speed on the 3 components of this test. You will have a solid understanding of: what examiners expect; what should be avoided; how you will be evaluated.


  • To make the most of this course, you may want to watch it several times, and take notes on each of the lessons provided.

Target Audience

  • This course is aimed at future test-takers and will benefit you whether you opt for General or Academic IELTS, as the speaking exam is identical.


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Chris holds a degree in English for Secondary Education from the University of Alberta (Canada) along with a diploma in TESOL. He is a former IELTS examiner and has been helping test-takers for 9 years. In addition, Chris has taught English

Material Includes

  • This course is delivered in video format, and can be viewed as many times as you need.
  • Bonus Material: Speaking Test Guide in pdf format & "10 Hacks for IELTS Speaking" in mp3 format.