10 Hacks for the IELTS Speaking Exam

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Is your speaking test just around the corner? This no-nonsense course will provide 10 hacks for the IELTS speaking exam, tips, and an overview of what to expect when you meet your examiner. You will also learn how you will be evaluated, and the criteria used to assess your speaking skills.
Here’s your chance to catch inside tips on the speaking test from a certified IELTS teacher with examiner experience.

What Will I Learn?

  • Are you new to IELTS or unfamiliar with the Speaking Exam? Let's get you up to speed on the 3 components of this test. You will have a solid understanding of: what examiners expect; what should be avoided; how you will be evaluated.

Topics for this course

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Welcome to the course!?

These 10 Hacks will give you a great start to understanding & preparing for the IELTS Speaking Test. Don't forget to prepare and practice!
Welcome to the Course!0:27

What do I need to do on Test Day??

This lesson will cover a couple of simple yet crucial tips that will keep your stress level down for the big day!

How is the IELTS Speaking Exam structured??

Do you know each part of this exam and how to prepare accordingly? Let's break down each component!

Am I being recorded during the IELTS speaking test??

Did you know that a recording starts the minute you walk into the exam room? Why are you caught on tape before the test starts, and even after the test is complete?

Am I able to ask questions during my speaking test??

You can and cannot ask questions during the IELTS speaking test - this will depend on which part you are in at the moment.

How do I know if I should keep talking or not??

Many test-takers are uncertain about how long they should talk. Should you stop when you feel you've covered the topic? How will the examiner let you know if you spoken long enough?

3 Ways to Drop a Band Instantly?

Be careful of speaking pitfalls that will cause you drop a band easily.

Should I always answer honestly on the IELTS speaking test??

This is a great question, as many test-takers feel it's better to lie on the given topic. But is this always the best option?

Should I memorize various responses for my speaking exam??

Although you may feel that having some stock responses stored away in your memory may be beneficial, this can be a sure-fire way to drop a band. Let's find out why...

Is the speaking thematic, or is it just a random collection of questions and topics??

Let's look at how two of the components in the speaking test are linked, and what this means for you as a test-taker.

Should I speak on myself for Part 3 of the speaking test??

Let's look at a common problem for Section 3 of the speaking exam, and what you can do to be better prepared.

How will I be evaluated for IELTS Speaking??

Many candidates fail to take the the time to know each of the 4 criteria comprising the IELTS speaking test rubric. Knowing these areas and how your score is totaled will give you an edge and know how to plan accordingly.

Wrapping Up?

So, you can see there's a bit more to it than just showing up for the Speaking Test!

A closing word from Chris…

About the instructor

Chris holds a degree in English for Secondary Education from the University of Alberta (Canada) along with a diploma in TESOL. He is a former IELTS examiner and has been helping test-takers for 9 years. In addition, Chris has taught English to hundreds of students in the UAE and South Korea over the past 17 years. Check out his podcast "Hacking IELTS" and eBook with the same title (available on Amazon).
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  • To make the most of this course, you may want to watch it several times, and take notes on each of the 10 hacks provided.

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  • This course is aimed at future test-takers and will benefit you whether you opt for General or Academic IELTS, as the speaking exam is identical.

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