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Who are we?

A journey

Blue Brain is committed to hosting a world class community-centric education experience like no other. We designed the blue brain network to solve everyday problems that students face, from choosing what and how they study, to getting their first job. We crafted this experience around a personal journey where the student is the central hero of their story and is guided by meaningful connections, mentors and experiences around the world till s/he gets to the end result. Our personal start isn't much different, In 2010, our founder Sash Ameerchund had the opportunity to enter the world of education in South Africa as a teacher of art and design for public schools. From there, a love for teaching, learning and inspiring grew.

community first


We built Blue Brain as community building and networking tool from the ground up. It's often the people that experience life, education and work alongside us that help shape our story. Learning doesn't have to be conventional, and certainly doesn't have to be lonely. While Blue Brian offers flexibility for self paced, private study, we've intentionally developed tools to help people connect socially online as well as offline because we believe that relationships matter.

traditional education

and it's challenges

We believe that everyone deserves a high quality education and has the right to high quality opportunities. Unfortunately, this kind of "equality" is often seen as idealistic because of the conventional systems in place around the world. Over the last 300 years, students have been forced into rigid systems designed to produce workers, with only the most "academically gifted" students getting access to the best financial opportunities. However, when students graduate, every day skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication and financial literacy are underdeveloped. Worse still, students struggle to find and develop their skills, passions and identity. We're out to change that!

our vision. Our values

your story can change the world

It's our vision to inspire, connect and empower (I.C.E) people on every continent.
We achieve this as follows:

(T) Teach:

(C) Inspire:

(E) Empower: