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Algebra I

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Kindergarten Math

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High school geometry

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Algebra II

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Statistics and probability

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What Our Students Have to Say

This screencast course is absolutely stellar, from the content, to teaching methodology, to the production value. Sash has a way of showing how Camtasia can be a vital tool in your arsenal, whether you're a teacher, a student, or a content creator...I highly recommend this course for screencast newbs like me, and look forward to taking another one of the Bluebrain courses!
Chris Fehr
From Canada
This course has helped me in many different ways. But the most important skill i have learned was solving real-life challenges as well as knowing how to solve them. I advise everyone to join this course.
Saud Khalid
Dubai, UAE
I like the sequencing of the topics, its a great beginner friendly course. this course makes Camtasia look simple.
From India
Its an excellent course. I am a teacher, in these tough times of COVID19 outbreak, I really needed something like this to create effective videos. Thanks Sir! Great Help. 👍
Muhammed Noman
From Karachi, Pakistan